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Events at Brewed

Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of delectable delights and captivating rhythms at our inaugural food truck and live music events! Join us as we showcase talented artists and culinary wizards from the food truck realm, marking the start of an epic series of events with a rotating line up of phenomenal food trucks and diverse musical acts.

How it works

During our special events, we switch gears from our usual café operations. A fantastic food truck awaits you on-site, where you can simply stroll up, place your order, and receive a buzzer. Once your food is ready, the buzzer will alert you to collect your delectable dishes.

Meanwhile, our dedicated Brewed team will be at your service, providing table service for refreshing drinks. While you await your culinary creations, take a peek at our enticing bar menu and select a delightful wine, craft beer, or indulge in one of our tempting cocktails.

While we do reserve some tables for walk-ins, securing your spot in advance allows us to accommodate you and your group more efficiently. You can book with the link below

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Wednesday 19th June 4pm-6pm

Upcoming events

Previous events

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poetry night 8th may
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Blimp Rider and Mohasky Groove
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